About Nose Piercings

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Among the older body piercing practices which are still popular even today are; ear, nose and belly ring piercings. In this guide, we focus on nose piercing and the sort of rings and studs which are utilised to fit the piercings.

Nose piercing has its origin from certain African and Asian traditional practices several decades ago, where it was used as a symbol of beauty, status, and wealth among other functions. In the contemporary cultures, nose piercing is seen as hip and trendy thus many young people both men and women have adopted it dearly.

Types of nose piercings

There are various forms of nose piercing based on the part that gets pierced, by way of instance, there is the nostril piercing, that’s the most common, easy and widely practiced. At this position, there’s a good deal of possible jewelry that can fit due to its accessibility. We’ve got L-shaped studs, nose rings, ball rings and nose pliers among others.

The other sort of nose piercing is the septum piercing, very popular today even among men. It involves piercing through the nasal septum while avoiding the bone cartilage separating the nostrils. There are others like the nose tip piercing as well as the bridge piercing all of which are gaining popularity as individuals try more means of accessorizing their noses.

Procedure for the nose piercing

This procedure is delicate and requires a person with the knowledge to do it correctly. Hygiene is of great essence to prevent infections and also improve the rate of healing.

The first step is always picking the location of the piercing. The nostrils can both be pierced at a go, however, when choosing between either of the sides certain factors must be observed like the cultural directives and the significance attributed to it.

The piercer marks the location and if you’re okay with it then it is done in the most aseptic way as possible.

It is then fitted with a steel nose screw of about 20G in size and then you are given instructions on how best to look after it till it heals.

If followed well the piercing heals quickly and then you can adorn another kind of nose studs that you prefer.


Nose piercing is trending because it’s deemed fashionable yet it is somehow discrete.

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